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09 March 2006 @ 10:50 am

After becoming the first designer to be kicked off Project Runway the first season, Daniel made it on a second time this year. The show's resident softie, he used the word "beautiful" liberally, confessed his love for Heidi Klum on camera and receives three hundred fan emails a day through his MySpace profile.

The power dynamic between my partner and I is skewed. She has the better job, makes more money, gets invited to more parties — it puts a strain on our relationship. What can we do about this?
I have to focus on my work. I wouldn't want to spend energy feeling bad about her. I'd like to get better at my career and have something that I can be proud of so that it would be more mutual.

Let's say you're dating Heidi or someone of that caliber.
It's intimidating. I would feel I couldn't be up to her standards. Heidi is gorgeous. She's like a patron saint of the arts. She started Project Runway and to me that is beautiful. I'm nervous thinking about it [dating Heidi]. The honest answer is, even if they were so huge, if they're still humble, well-centered and grounded, it wouldn't be an issue. It would be human to human. It would be real.

Have you ever slept with an attractive fan? How did you handle it? Also, how do you deal with a stalker?
You should go on MySpace. You'll freak out. Girls are like, "Marry me! Have my babies!" I'm afraid to answer. Will girls still come up to me if I answer this?

Yes. Girls want honesty.
I do get approached. What's good is that girls feel like they know me already, which is half the battle. They feel like they've connected with me already. It feels like we've been on four or five dates already. It's a very alluring thing. It's difficult to pass up. An adoring fan that wants to be with me — ah, that's beautiful!

Do you really date fans?
Yo, I'm single right now. I'm looking for a girl. I'm naturally monogamous. That's the way I roll.

So you're not going to fuck a groupie. You're going to date one and really invest in her.
Yeah, that's my natural way. But there's nothing wrong with sharing love and physical attraction. If it's a one-night stand, it's a one-night stand.

Have you had a one-night stand?
Of course.

Have you ever had a stalker?
I have a couple of stalkers right now. I never fear them. I don't even like the word "stalker." I have "obsessed fans." In their mind, they're in love with me. You know what? It can't be wrong for someone to share the love.

You don't think it's wrong that someone who knows you from four episodes of a reality show is "in love" with you?
It can't be wrong to be giving or sharing love. I do have girls that write me every day. I don't respond because I get so many. It's so cute. I'm like their homepage or something. It's nice to have fans like that because they'll talk about you, promote you, defend you, anything! They're Daniel Franco evangelists! They like what I did, they wish me the best, and they let me know it.

In one sentence, what's the best remedy for a bad breakup?
I just broke up with a girlfriend. Bad breakup. We broke up six times. It became post-modern. It got to the point where it was like, we're about to get into a fight and we're going to break up again. And three days later we'd get back together. It was a lost cause. We went to couples therapy. It helped. It became clear we were not right for each other.

So what's the best remedy for a bad breakup?
Do karaoke to sing it out.

My boyfriend found photos of me on lastnightsparty.com canoodling with another guy. I was drunk and feeling flirtatious. It was harmless, but now he's suspicious. What can I do to win his trust back?
The only way a man feels like he can trust this girl one hundred percent again is by a lot of sex. She can flirt with anyone she damn well pleases, as long as her man is being taken care of.

What sexual position should be steered clear of all costs and why?
Sex standing up. It's cheesy. It's tiring in the legs. You can't get the best thrust. There's the height difference. It can be really awkward.

What's not sexy in fashion these days?
Sweaters. There's nothing sexy about them. They add bulk. They're always itchy. It always seems homey, no matter what the sweater is like. It's a big no-no. The sweater is meant for home. For Christmas.

My boyfriend wants to videotape us having sex. I'm open to this proposal, but I'm worried about a Pamela-Paris aftermath. How can I ensure the tape won't fall into the wrong hands?
It's sexy to videotape. I've done it once or twice.

Do you worry the tapes will get out?
The problem is that I never had them directed. It was like, here's the camera on the nightstand. Also, I'm always too embarrassed to watch it. I can't even watch myself on Project Runway without freaking out.

So should I make the videotape?
Do it because there's a little kinkiness to it. It's good for spicing things up. And if you're going to watch it, make sure you have a bottle of wine. And no clothes on.

How can I make sure the tape doesn't fall into the wrong hands?
Watch it with your partner once and then burn it together. Then make another one and burn that one.

I keep begging my girlfriend to go Brazilian, but she refuses to do it. How do I convince her to go bald, at least once? And what can I do to return the favor?
The coolest, most suave thing to do is fly her to Brazil. Do as the Brazilians do! Then try it during the vacation.

What if this guy is poor?
Then do the hot wax trick that was in 9 1/2 Weeks. Accidentally pour a lot down there, just rip it.
03 March 2006 @ 10:36 pm
"Straight is the new gay" <333333's Daniel Franco.

Also, it seems Lupe hit her head five mintues before taping the reunion show and that's why she was the way she was.

Oh and Wendy was actually nuts.
Current Music: In a chat with Daniel Franco
03 March 2006 @ 08:35 pm
Df to chat it up at http://www.thefishbowl.com/chatpop/chat.html
tonight at 7pm pst 10pm est.

Ask anything, but preferably the talk will be about:
Art, Fashion, flicks, tunes, Vlogs, blogs, season 2, artistic integrity, dignity and how it is gained, maintained and put into play day to day. We'll soon find out...

Hope to type with you there,

Good 'ole D.
02 March 2006 @ 12:43 pm
I found a Daniel Franco fanlisting.

01 March 2006 @ 07:08 pm
I got another reply to him today on MySpace:

What I sent him

Its a page about casting for Season 3. I hope you'll be on Season 3.

Also, I do remember seeing you "How Do I look" on the Style Network. But I can't remember the name of the episode. I was looking for pics of you on it to post in the lj community.

What he replied back with:
Hmmm. Perhaps you'll see me again.....need to know the public opinion.


I didn't know those shows were titled. It was the one with the nice punk rock teen..ashley.

There's a live chat coming with me at thefishbowl.com this friday night, will post .

Oh and he has a new default pic. Way hot.
24 February 2006 @ 09:57 pm
He posted this earlier tonight.

Go to www.realityremix.tv Click on "Watch reality remix video"

It's the last segment on the show, so just move the slider to the right almost to the end and voila! It's on for 24 hours only.

If you feel like it, please post your response on the bravo boards as there are a dozen or so DF haters there.




Well, after that I replied to him, and I gave him the link to this comm, and I told him he had lots of suppors, and he responded to me!!!

His response:

Hi Nikkie,

Thank you!!!

with affection,


Maybe I can send you images or a blurb now and again. IF you have a specific question for me...feel free.

23 February 2006 @ 10:28 pm
This is probably not worth writing about, however...

I am trying to just laugh off the akward editing-gag-gone-lame between Me and the Lovely Heidi Klum "I Love you" train wreck moment but....

As a man who believes in priciples & honor, I must let it be known that I would never ever approach a happily married woman with any akward intentions at all. It does not match up one bit with my ethics.

When I said "I Love You Heidi.." It was because she said something incredibly complimentary about my lingerie collection, not shown on the special, and I meant it as a great term of affection, respect and admiration. She said something that was to me, a great validation of my work. ( confidentiality agreemeant kicks in now)

Heidi Klum created Project Runway, an amazing forum for fashion designers. So I consider her a "patron saint of the arts". I meant " I Love you Heidi", as a...Thank you and I look up to you, for the opportunites she created for all of the artists on the show.

I think the producers wanted a good laugh like the one in the Lingerie episode during the presentation of our groups to Heidi. Remember the 70's guitar in the background as I say" I want to show you something beautiful "? But this time the editing was rushed, they got this episode out in 2 weeks...amazing actually. As compared to 6 moths for the Lingerie episode.

So, there it is...my official response to that.

By the way I LOVE ALL OF YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!! With No akward editing in sight!

; )


- Daniel Franco, http://www.myspace.com/finedetail