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26 June 2006 @ 09:38 pm
From Daniel's MySpace blog:  
Season 3 you ask?

Hi to everyone of every species that love fashion art and life as I do.

So by know you have realized that I am not returning for Project Runway 3.
Why? Say you have a boss or a lover that dumps you, fires you etc..You forgive and come back...cool. Happens again? hmmm...then there might be something amiss...You understand.
Life is saying that perhaps there are other paths that will lead to bliss. I dig everyone there at the show, the producers, designers, judges, crew... they are all top rate people and I will be watching the show with all of you too. I mean c'mon...it's project runway! Oh, but they did catch up with me for the premiere episode of season 3, at my home/studio so I hope you dig that. It's a "Wear are they now?" type thing...

So whats' to come? Fashion sweet ones...all new looks! Look out for articles featuring my designs in the LA Times ( July), Angeleno( Sept) Look mag (July) A new Runway show in October (La & NY) More TV gigs that I can't share just yet...

How am I doing life-wise? I am crazy exhausted today...as I have been working long long restless daze...I hope all of you are fine.

Till I type again,